RIS Campus is located at Avenida Prefeito Dulcídio Cardoso 4351, Barra da Tijuca, which is a joyful learning environment.

Early Childhood Classrooms

Many Preschoolers and Kindergarteners have not been away from their parents for long stretches of time, thinking about that, our Early Childhood classrooms are welcoming spaces aimed to emotionally prepare them for the school year. They are bright and colorful environment equipped with a collection of hands-on learning materials in which our little ones can mastering letters, work on their reading skills and also practice count and measure abilities thought blocks, Legos, counters, dice, rules and number lines. RIS Preschool and Kindergarten classrooms are constantly surrounded by objects that our young kids create. The idea is to make them feel at home!

Elementary Classrooms

The Elementary School classrooms were designed to reflect the teaching style. They allow flexibility and agility in the organization of different layouts (such as U-shaped tables, arrangement in small groups, circle or learning stations) depending on the activity developed or the content covered. They have adequate lighting, the circulation was designed to allow the movement of students, as some need this mobility to learn. Book collections are available for them to read during their free time or if they finish a task ahead of time and for reading exercises. Everything has been thought out to the smallest detail so that our children and youngers can be creative, able to solve problems and are prepared for the future, through rich experiences and meaningful connections.

Middle and High School Classrooms

Middle and High School classrooms are modern and cozy, have adequate lighting and spaces for electronic equipment, notebooks or tablets, which are tools that accompany the pedagogical program. They allow movement, aiming to improve performance, promote interaction and collaboration. Each educator has their own classroom that were designed to reflect the forms of interaction between teacher and student, being flexible to meet the style of class, group work, individual and group presentations, online research, debates, brainstorms, among other formats. Student engagement is our highest priority. In this school stage, learning is intensified through connections between the work developed in the classroom and their future challenges in higher education and in their lives, in addition to having the opportunity to reflect on their role in society.

RIS Library

RIS contemporary library is the key center of our Campus, it is a center for interactive learning that extend and support the work that goes on in the classroom we leverage our school mission. Its multi-purpose function lends itself to hosting reading groups, for independent research, collaborative study, group tasks, project exhibition, meetings, guest speakers and socializing. However, the primary purpose is to assist faculty and students and support their academic growth and success. RIS Students have at your disposal books from our large collection, can borrow and take their favorite to home.

Technology Room

RIS computer lab is equipped with high-performing computers, where students are instructed in the latest digital tools that serve their best academic performance. Students have Digital Life classes in these room that also hosts Super Geeks as an after school activity, an educational network focused on the technology, innovation, programming, robotics and computer science segment for children and teenagers.


RIS Science Laboratory reinforce the contexts learned in practice and our students have the chance to conduct their own experiments, having first-hand experience. The main purpose is to learn how to gain knowledge, how to observe and to understand the meaning of what happens. The space offer a variety of equipment to understand the writing of science books in a better way, como: burettes, tongs, tweezers, forceps, test tubes, conical, flasks, microscopes, stove, autoclave, balance, specimens, slides and chemicals.

RIS Chapel

RIS Chapel is held onWednesdays at the Union Church in Rio de Janeiro, inside the RIS Campus.

RIS Art Studio

The RIS Art Studio promotes attitudes such as critical thinking, memory skills, self-discipline, intuition, reasoning, imagination, dexterity, sensitivity, creativity, self-expression and body language, in addition to valuing student production.

RIS Cafeteria

RIS cafeteria expands our palates with healthy and delicious food. It is a perfect place for students to socialize with their friends.

RIS Playgrounds

RIS has three open-air playgrounds that are safe and supervised by our team, where our students can experience moments of discovery and deepen relationships with their friends. Children play and interact, always supervised by our team.

Outdoor Activities

RIS Campus has a beautiful green area that is well explored by our community. Functional physical education classes, dedicated to improving the physical and mental health of our students, working on coordination and reflexes and favoring postural correction. Parkour extracurricular classes. Several RIS events, in addition to being used by PSTC - Parent, Student, Teacher Council at Snack Shops. These are examples of outdoor activities carried out in this space.

Jiu-Jitsu room

The Jiu-Jitsu room was designed and installed with specific materials for the practice of the sport (offered as a After School Activity), providing comfort and safety for practitioners, with an emphasis on the latest generation tatame produced with vinyl material that is completely stretched and aligned with the floor, avoiding dimples and imperfections, does not absorb sweat and does not accumulate bad odor, in addition to having high impact absorption.

RIS Music Room

RIS Music Room is the perfect place to realize the great benefits of having music in education. Benefits like, selfdiscipline, developing oral and rhythmic languages, increasing IQ, supporting muscle development and motor skills, understanding culture and of course it brings joy. The music room is soundproof and is equipped with an editing room, table and speakers, amplifiers, and microphones. Besides that, there is a separate practice room adjacent to the main room. It is full of musical instruments, including keyboard, guitar, bass, ukulele, flute, triangle, xylophone, bongo drums, castanets, rattle and other percussion instruments, aiming at appreciation, experimentation and musical practice.

RIS Sports Court

We encourage the practice of various sports with a multisport court and a sand court. Our students are shown the numerous benefits that physical exercise brings to physical and mental health. In addition, these spaces provide the ability to teach discipline through the rules of each sport and promoting social interaction. These courts are also used for After School Activities, as NBA Basketball School, American Football and Tennis.