Academic events

Academic events

RIS offers a variety of learning experiences for its students in our academic events, technology, arts, music, tutoring, languages and sports. Everything is planned in the smallest details so that RIS students can improve their knowledge.


International Fair

RIS' flagship event of the calendar year wherein we celebrate nations and cultures from around the world through student presentations and international cuisine.

S.T.E.A.M. Fair

Incorporating elements from Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math; this schoolwide event features age-appropriate Science projects and demonstrations.

Awards Ceremony

An unforgettable event where we recognize our students for their dedication and commitment to academics.

I love to read month

Throughout the month of October, RIS students participate in activities, project, and competitions designed to foster reading engagement.

Storybook Character Day

A very special day in which our students dress up as their favorite book characters to celebrate the last day of “I Love to Read Month”.

Parent info Night

A collaboration between RIS teachers, parents and student is vital to the learning process. These conferences aim to create dialogue, methods and partnership in order to increase effective learning.