Bible Classes

Bible Classes

Bible classes for Preschool and Kindergarten works as an introduction to the Bible, where Bible stories are presented through songs, videos, and games exploring the New and Old Testaments.

In Bible Classes for 1st to 3rd grades Biblical stories of the Old and New Testaments are presented from a new perspective, with the purpose of deepening the understanding of the stories. Students continue to learn with music, videos, and games and by reading the stories themselves.
Bible Classes for 4th to 6th grades are aimed at examining the tenets of Christian beliefs and stimulating critical thinking so that students can develop their own faith.

Debate and promotes an exchange of ideas are stimulated and the topics covered are wide-ranging and include devotional life, faith, love, and a personal relationship with Jesus.

In the 7th grade learn about the church history. In the 8th grade they are introduced to Christian Faith and Doctrine. In the 9th grade they have an Old Testament overview and in 10th they about the New Testament. In the 11th are approached topics for Christian Living in 21st century and finally in the 12th they study Apologetics and Comparative Worldviews.

In High School, Bible Classes fulfills graduation requirement for American Diploma.
Our Bible department works together with teachers from all academic stages, integrating the contents covered.