Intentionally International


RIS student citizenship represents over 30 countries. RIS faculty and staff come from over 10 different countries. School curriculum and teaching methods seek to utilize the best practices from around the world in order to educate globally-minded and internationally competent students. RIS students are prepared to be accepted at the best English-speaking universities in the world.

Deliberately Christian


RIS is an open-enrollment school accepting students and families from all religious beliefs. However, RIS is a Christian school which educates students from a Biblical worldview and emphasizes Christian values and character. Students attend Bible classes and chapels which allow them to develop their Biblical cognition. 

Purposely Academic

The primary focus at RIS is to educate a diverse set of students according to their needs and the school’s expected student learning outcomes. This is accomplished through challenging coursework, rigorous examinations, and consistent teaching methodology.
RIS is dually accredited by USA-based COGNIA as well as locally in Brazil by Secretaria de Educação do Estado do Rio de Janeiro, with recognition of an International School.
RIS uses an American-based curriculum and implements it using the best practices in international methodologies of instruction. Our teachers are lifelong learners themselves, always growing in their profession and actively seeking ways to positively affect student learning outcomes.