Christian Activities

Christian Activities

In RIS Christian activities and events our students have the opportunity to listen to special guest speakers, learn Bible stories, practice worship and prayer, develop their character and spiritual growth, serve our community, present dramas/skits dealing with faith-related topics and also grow leadership and teamwork skills.


RIS Chapel is a weekly act of Worship for our community, in which our students have the opportunity to practice leadership and listen to special guests. A variety of topics are addressed like our relationship with God, Spirituality, Church, Family, Friends and the role of each of these elements in our lives.

Service Day

RIS students spend their day contributing to Rio community. Practicing one of the greatest commandments that Jesus spoke about which was to your neighbor as . (Mark 12:31)

See you at the Pole

A day committed to global unity in Christ and prayer. It is a time when all around the globe, students gather at their praying for their school, friends, families, churches, and communities.


GLB (Growing, Learning and Bonding Groups) is a small group project for 1st through 6th grades, aimed at developing communication, compassion and relationship skills within our students and community. We provide dynamic activities, discussions and refletion times in which our students are encouraged to open up and talk about what they think about Chapel topics. GLB also has the purpose of promoting healthy interpersonal relationships between students and teachers, acknowledging the humanity of all parties. GLB promotes unique opportunities to start or to strengthen relationships that will always be eternal in our hearts.

Youth Alpha Course

Youth Alpha Course is an opportunity for students to explore their faith and ask questions about what they believe in a safe space. The course consists of 13 sessions, each including a video that we watch and discuss. Topics include: Who is Jesus? Why did Jesus die? Why and how do I read the Bible? Why and how do we pray? Who is the Holy Spirit? How can I be with the Holy Spirit? How can I make the best of my life? There is also the chance for students to ask their own questions related to these topics. The course includes time for prayer and worship, and, if students have not had the opportunity to enter into a relationship with Jesus, there is a chance to do this.


Soar is RIS discipleship training program for our Middle & High schoolers available every tuesday morning on Zero Hour in which students are trained in Christian and prepared for their service in the Lord! The program includes Theology, practical devotion skills and work alongside with them on leading chapels. The students learn key factors that will strengthen them to become strong Christians and a light in the world for their fellow students. They are responsible to minister some Chapels for all RIS students from Early Childhood to High school.